What People Have Said About Stefani and Fozzie

"I learned about how animals help people." - Zach, age 12

"My husband and I realized that we were sending mixed messages about bed time. With Stefani's help, we worked together to stay firm and consistent." - Stacey G., White Plains, NY

"Dogs need food, water and love just like people!" - Jessica, age 5

"Mrs. Cohen uses demonstration and interactive conversation to teach the children all about pet care and compassion." - Jody Glassman, Director, Mazel Tots, Scarsdale, NY

"Stefani helped me understand why I became so upset when Tommy threw a tantrum. She also gave me a plan of action that decreased the tantrums." - Jennifer L., New Rochelle, NY


"My son Kyle is so relaxed around dogs now he wants us to get one!" - Rob, Chappaqua, NY