Stefani M. Cohen Licensed Clinical Social Worker Servicing the Tri-State Area
Stefani M. CohenLicensed Clinical Social WorkerServicing the Tri-State Area

Praise for Stefani and Fozzie

"We are so grateful to have worked with Stefani and Fozzie. The Overcoming Fear of Dogs Protocol (OFOD) helped our daughter to grow her knowledge of dogs and dog behavior, face her fears, and become more comfortable with dogs. Over just a few short weeks, with great coaching and support from Stefani, our daughter went from being highly anxious in any room with dogs to brushing, petting, feeding, and even walking Fozzie. It was amazing to see her face her fears and develop new confidence. It also taught her methods for overcoming any other fears that she may have in the future - so this experience has built life skills even beyond comfort with dogs. Thank you, Stefani, for your generosity, wisdom, and great techniques!" 


- Jess Wetzler and Jennifer Goldman, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Eden, age eleven


"We came to see Stefani and Fozzie at a time when our daughter's fear of dogs had been escalating to the point of near panic attacks. As a clinical social worker myself, I had tried everything I knew how to help her with this fear and knew we needed more help. Stefani's methods and style, paired with Fozzie's sweet nature were a perfect fit. Stefani initially empowered Cara with information about how to understand dogs better and to feel more in control around them. When she introduced Fozzie, she had set exercises (and a chart to document it) in order to gradually increase exposure and gain mastery. Cara responded well to this system (especially getting check marks for her accomplishments), allowing her to over time feel more confident and comfortable around dogs in general! It is still a work in progress and we regularly practice all of the strategies Steafni taught us, but the improvement is already tremendous!


- Stacey Weissberg

Cara, age six


"I highly recommend Stefani for anyone working to help their child overcome a fear of dogs. Graduated exposure therapy is the gold standard treatment for dog phobias, but can often be difficult to implement, because it requires finding patient, well-trained, and gentle dogs for children to practice spending time with. Stefani offers a rare combination: an excellent understanding of evidence-based practices, a nurturing and positive approach, and the amazing Fozzie, a perfect dog to help anxious children begin to face their fears"


- Jennifer L. Rosenblatt, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Assistant Professor

Hassenfeld Children's Hospital at NYU Langone

Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Child Study Center - Westchester

Take-aways from Sessions

"I learned about how animals help people." - Zach, age 12

"My husband and I realized that we were sending mixed messages about bed time. With Stefani's help, we worked together to stay firm and consistent." - Stacey G., White Plains, NY

"Dogs need food, water and love just like people!" - Jessica, age 5

"Mrs. Cohen uses demonstration and interactive conversation to teach the children all about pet care and compassion." - Jody Glassman, Director, Mazel Tots, Scarsdale, NY

"Stefani helped me understand why I became so upset when Tommy threw a tantrum. She also gave me a plan of action that decreased the tantrums." - Jennifer L., New Rochelle, NY


"My son Kyle is so relaxed around dogs now he wants us to get one!" - Rob, Chappaqua, NY


Services Offered

In office, on-site, and phone sessions available


- Specializing in Parenting Children with Special Needs as well as Typically Developing Children
- Play Therapy
- Parent Coaching
- Support Groups



- Overcoming Fear of Dogs
- Pet Loss and Bereavement Counseling
- Classroom Programs Promoting the Human
Animal Bond

- Pet Care Programs for Classroom and Scout Groups
- Teacher Workshops
- Exploration of Pet-Readiness for Families

Online Presence

Fozzie Says...

"I love helping people with my gentle nature and special smile!"

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